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A Hot Moment

It’s been years since I’ve felt like creating…anything.

Dealing with childhood trauma, loss, illness, and depression left me threadbare; just dealing with day-to-day life was tiresome.

Today, I felt like the clouds have cleared a bit. I’m wrapping up family issues from the death of my father and handing my health.

One big thing is learning to apply a simple phrase I use for others on myself.

Anytime my cats are sick (especially my elderly grump and my diabetic fuzz butt) or my husband is stressed I say “I’ll love you through it.”

I realized that has applied to me - through my sadness and pain, they have loved me through it. And, it has made all the difference.

The skies are clearing and I’m feeling the creating spark arise again.

No matter what, I’ll be loved through it.

No matter what happens, I’ll love my little family though it.


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