• Hope Hughes

Walking Naked

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

There is something primal about stripping down to skin and bone and baring yourself, naked, to the world. It is also something I hold a deep fear of doing. This site is me, raw and uncovered, stepping out to explore my art and writing to the world (or, the digital sea of faceless humanoids). So, buckle in buckaroos. Because, to quote Peter Quill, "I’m gonna make some weird shit."

#healingart #writing #naked

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All images and writing copyright of Hope Hughes. Basically, don't be an arsehole and steal stuff without proper attribution or permission. I have flying monkeys and will release them. Ok, not monkeys, per se, but I do have glitter and will use it. And that stuff is the herpes of crafting supplies. Just sayin.

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