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Those who wander are sometimes lost

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

It's been a hot minute since I've updated. Damn real life stuff gets in the way. Anyhoo... I've been busy working on our new book campaign for Frankenstein and figuring out how to move forward as a publishing company.

Oh, and taxes, I gotta do taxes which we are meeting with our CPA on the same day as the campaign ends. No stress...ok some stress...a LOT of freaking stress! Why do I dooooo this? I have a few new pieces to put up in encaustic work that I will post once I get pics. What else, what else? Oh yeah, I finally crossed the crazy cat lady threshold and adopted a *fifth* cat. Technically, it's the hubs fault, but she's so stinkin' cute that I don't mind taking the blame. Meet the new Boss Lady, Willamina.

Boss Lady
Miss. Willamina

She has the boys under her paw and had make her little fuzzy self at home. I'll post more often when the smoke and cat hair clears...

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